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The Authentic Leadership Checklist- Abridged version


This version of The Authentic Leadership Checklist is an abridged version of the full checklist. This version is free to download, use and share.

Product Description

Which Authentic Leadership Checklist is right for me?

Authentic Leadership is essential to every organization’s success.  Easy to say, but being an authentic leader is a challenge.  Often, situations arise that require us to respond quickly and thoroughly. Other situations allow us to reflect before we respond.  For this reason we have created three versions of the Authentic Leadership Checklist™.  The first, and simplest contains the three components of authentic leadership (character, competence and context) along with the Checklist’s 21 elements.  Think of this version as a quick reference guide or an abridged version. This version is free to download, use and share.

The second version (Complete Checklist) contains the 3 components and 21 elements along with detailed checklist items for each element to help you analyze your authentic leadership in more detail. This version is specific and great for serious analysis into your situation. This version is free to download, use and share.

The third version (Complete Checklist plus videos) contains all the aspects of the second version with additional video explanations by creator, Phil Eastman for each part of the checklist.  Using this version allows for the most thorough analysis and bolsters your knowledge and application of authentic leadership in future situations.  Price- $49.00.



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