Character of Leadership

The Character of Leadership 

An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age

One need not look far to find the effects of leaders whose character is suspect.  Reading the headlines about political and corporate leaders quickly reveals that, under pressure many of our most notable leaders cave.  To help organizations and leaders, we uncovered an ancient model and updated it for our quantum age.

Character of Leadership Model
Character of Leadership Model

The model has its origins among the ancient leaders.  Greek thinkers and first-century leaders established the idea that a person’s character consisted of Faith, Justice, Temperance, Hope, Wisdom, Love and, Courage.

Today’s complex society and organizations are still human endeavors so the ancient model of character applies.  However, how it applies is bounded by the reality of our quantum age.

In the book, The Character of Leadership:  An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age, we make the case that you should focus on the elements of character when developing your leadership ability, because the challenges we face are not economic, social or legal; they are challenges of character and leadership.

Get Started with The Character of Leadership

Our experience is that leaders are motivated to do two important things, achieve short-term results and build a long-term legacy.  Given that, then leaders need a foundational character and leadership model that will accomplish both.  To accomplish both those objectives we invite you to:



Take a few moments and take our Free Assessment to get started. It will provide insight on your own leadership character. Encourage others in your organization to do the same! It’s a great first step in engaging a leadership model that has proven itself throughout the ages but is still relevant and necessary today!

Character of Leadership Events

We provide several different ways to engage live in the Character of Leadership model.

Keynote Address
Engage Phil to present a keynote address to your group! This vibrant hour-long presentation will challenge and exhilarate people to undertake the effort of developing their leadership based on the Character of Leadership model.

Four-Hour Workshop
The four-hour Character of Leadership Briefing is an interactive session that introduces leaders to the model and allows them to evaluate themselves based on 34 leadership behaviors related to character. This workshop will challenge and motivate participants to make lasting changes in their character and leadership.

Two Day Workshops
Our two-day Character of Leadership Workshop is our deepest dive into the relationship of character to leadership. Participants receive feedback regarding their personal style, using the popular DISCStyles™ Assessment and a full Character of Leadership Assessment. Beyond the assessments, participants will experience the model through activities and prepare an individual development plan to guide their leadership efforts.

We encourage you to engage in the model through one of our offerings and to share your character and leadership stories with us through our Leadership Advisor blog.

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