Dimensional Strategy

  Strategic planning is the leadership driven discipline that articulates an organization’s direction, aligns its resources by devising goals, and equips teams for the execution of objectives that will further the organization’s  mission and the achievement […]


Change Engagement™

  There is perhaps no hotter topic in organizations today than change. Leaders in every organization are looking for the secret sauce that will align their people around changes. Organizations that master change build resilience […]



Over half of the world’s top Executive Programs use ExperienceChange. —  Financial Times 2012 Rankings One Year of Experience in One Day In ExperienceChange, people work in teams to tackle a realistic change project.  From […]


Keynotes and Workshops

Phil Eastman’s Speaking Topics include but are not limited to: Change Leadership:Who’s Driving This Thing? Phil has designed an approach called Change Engagement™ to emphasize the critical role of leaders during change and to equip […]


Authentic Leadership Checklist™

The concept of Authentic Leadership has been tossed around over the years by authors, consultants and others involved in the study of leading organizations. Wikipedia defines it as: “Is an approach to leadership that emphasizes […]


Executive Coaching

“No organization rises above the capabilities of its leader” Leaders are “built” not “born.”  It is a myth that leadership is an innate ability resident only in a select few.  In fact, leadership is a […]


Recent Posts

The Harmony of an Authentic Leader

By, Phil Eastman I recently had an opportunity to watch an authentic leader at work. I was invited to participate in the annual offsite leadership conference for an organization, there I was witness to the […]


The Five Essentials for Effectively Leading Change

By, Phil Eastman Over the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to work with three large organizations on major changes. In each situation the organization was looking for a way to engage and […]


Change is Simple. Change is Hard.

By, Phil Eastman   Chances are you have read a myriad of articles about change.  You may have even built up a library of books and resources to help you effectively lead change.  You have […]